As is usually the case with a Hope pro bike build, it's a blingfest

2019 marks Nukeproof’s return to World Cup Downhill with Mr Gas to Flat himself, Adam Brayton and his longtime supporters Hope Factory Racing.

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As is usually the case with a pro bike build involving Hope Technology, it’s a blingfest. TRICK is the word. In fact, pretty much the whole reason* we’re running this story is so we pore over the pretty piccies.

nukeproof dissent

*the other reasons being that a company’s downhill bike sometimes ends up heralding future changes to their enduro and trail bike models too.

Anyway, pics…

Nukeproof Dissent press release

Introducing the DISSENT.

You don’t always have to agree to follow the norm and agree with convention and dissent from the masses and go your own way. Nukeproof have always chosen to do things our own way, in our time and style. After nearly 7 years of using our highly successful Fallout linkage, the new DISSENT displays a new update to our downhill linkage design. The new DISSENT platform was originally conceived by our engineers as a concept to test several leverage curve theories. Turning the theory into practise proved much better than anything we could have expected with the prototype winning on its international debut at Crankworx festivals Garbanzo Downhill race with Sam Hill (and winning his approval).

We’re proud to introduce the Nukeproof DISSENT. What’s new? Frames will be coming to Nukeproof retailers in the not too distant future, with more information on the DISSENT design being released closer to the in-stock date (including full geometry and key features).

Until then feast your eyes on Adam Brayton Hope Factory Racing Spec Nukeproof DISSENT.