Adam Brayton regails us with his thoughts – and scars – from THAT infamous crash scene at Cairns World Cup back in 2014. Ouch and double ouch.

Cairns in Australia hosted the first round of the 2014 World Cup and it proved to be one hell of a race. Monsoon season well and truly lived up to its name and the race was a wash-out with riders sliding off track left, right and centre.

Adam Brayton was one of the unlucky riders caught out by the conditions and smashed into a tree off a jump. His leg burst under the impact and in-fact he also hit a spectator and broke their leg too. You can see a video of the crash here.

The race was held up as an ambulance had to be called to get Brayton off the hill. In the meantime a boozed up Aussie decided to take Brayton’s bike and ride it down the track to return it to the pits, but we suspect it was to entertain the crowd as well.

Unfortunately his joyride quickly turned sour as a section of whoops caught him out. He came off the bike without a helmet and was knocked out cold. Luckily he was able to get in the same ambulance as Brayton, although we doubt he remembers the experience. You can watch the spectator’s crash here, although we warn you it’s not a pleasant watch.

Brayton’s cut required 18 stitches (including five internal ones) but he is now back racing for Hope Factory Racing. The spectator made a full recovery.