140mm all-mountain bike in either wheel size

The 140mm all mountain Norco Sight Carbon to be available with 29″ wheels as well as 27.5″.

Need to know

  • 140mm all mountain trail bike
  • Slacker head angle, steeper seat angle, longer reach
  • Revised A.R.T. suspension with less anti-squat
  • Trunnion mount rear shock
  • Up to 2.6″ tyre clearance

The A.R.T. suspension has also been revised with significantly reduced anti-squat. Frame sizing has been tweaked too. All sizes have sprouted a bit of extra length and features something called ‘Gravity Tune’.

Gravity Tune

This is nothing to do with suspension tuning. It’s to do with frame sizing and weight distribution.

Essentially ‘Gravity Tune’ is size-specific chainstays. Large frames have longer rear centres than small frames. The idea being that rider weight is optimally distributed in the bike no matter how tall/short the rider.

The 650B Sight Carbon will be offered in sizes XS-XL. The 29er Sight Carbon will be M-XL sizes.

Tweaked A.R.T. Suspension

We’ve always liked previous versions of the Norco Sight so this announcement of a 29er Sight and a suspension that’s been changed to address our only real niggle with the previous Sight.

What was our niggle? “The suspension tends to extend the shock too easily, all to the detriment of rear-wheel traction” is what we said. So the news that the new Sight has significantly dialled back the amount of chain tension and anti squat in the first third or so of the travel is most welcome news indeed.

Spot the difference? The 650B Sight Carbon

650B versus 29er

The 650B Norco Sight Carbon has been slackened half a degree at the head angle and steepened one degree at the seat angle. The reach has been lengthened between 7-18mm depending on the frame size.

On the 29er Sight Carbon the head angle is half a degree steeper than the 650B. The fork also uses the larger offset. The specced stem lengths are also 10mm shorter. All of these actions are to quicken up the handling to get it mimicking a 27.5 bike, in theory.

When you factor in the stem dimension, reach and stack measurements are identical on the 650B and the 29er Sight Carbon.

The Sight Carbon 29er sports a 140mm suspension fork whereas the 650B version comes with a 150mm fork up front.

Shimano XT build

Anything else?

Trunnion mount rear shock. Metric rear shock. Boost 148. 1x drivetrains. Wide rims. Stealth dropper posts. ‘Gizmo’ internally routed cabling ports. ‘ArmorLite’ external resin claims to increase impact resistance of frame. Piggyback rear shocks will fit.

Watch: YouTube video about the Norco Sight Carbon with Norco Bicycles engineers

We have no confirmed UK pricing or availability yet. We’ll update this page when we get word.