The south of France seems like a pretty cool place to ride

Nico Vouilloz is without a doubt a legend of downhill racing and now he’s turned his hand to enduro he’s not doing too badly either.

He comes from the south of France, a region that has become a nursery for some incredible riders including Fabien Barel and now Vouilloz’s protégé Adrien Dailly. Dailly recently won the Junior category at the EWS in Samoëns and seems to be yet another fast Frenchy.

Nico Vouilloz slick rock copy picture

In this video Vouilloz and Dially show us the riding they grew up enjoying. From the twisting streets of medieval towns, to exposed slickrock and mountain gulleys, the variety of terrain is inspiring and mesmerising. It’s no wonder the Trans-Provence is such a popular race.

Vouilloz and Dially will go on to race the next round of the Enduro World Series at Crested Butte in the United States. Following on from his second place in Samoëns, Vouilloz will be looking for a top result while Dially will hope to extend his 500 point lead in the junior series.

Stay tuned to MBR to find out how they get on and for the rest of the Enduro World Series season.