Another trail blocker

Plans for a new mountain bike trail in Otley Chevin are to proceed despite the dangerous actions of, yep, you guessed it, another trail saboteur.

Otley Chevin is a ridge that overlooks the town of Otley, near Leeds, in West Yorkshire. Currently riders at Otley Chevin have access to a number of bridleways but this has led to the use of  unauthorised trails through the woods as well. A “vigilante” has been placing logs and stones on these unofficial trails and printing official-looking signs to deter riders.

The Bradford Telegraph and Argus reports that Councillor Colin Campbell, who raised the matter with the Parks and Countryside department, was told: “These apparently deliberate acts of blocking well-used, albeit unauthorised, routes used by cyclists are known to our Estate staff.

“Our staff have identified the hotspots now and are pro-actively clearing any blockages on a daily basis whilst keeping vigilant for any information that might identify the perpetrators.”

Plans are underway for a mountain bike loop to be installed in the park that would separate walkers from mountain bikers. Thankfully these will not be affected by the actions of the individual.

Mr Campbell was also told: “This inappropriate activity in no way is going to stop or influence the proposed creation of a suitable mountain bike trail/trails to cater for experienced and not so experienced riders.”

This story follows the recent arrest and sentencing of Tineke Kraal in Vancouver for placing 10-40 logs a day on mountain bike trails.