Your Bosch Line CX e-bike, can now benefited from a Tour+ setting. This upgrade unlocks a smarter way of managing power and battery capacity.

If your e-bike is powered by a Bosch mid-drive motor, there is a neat upgrade worth knowing about: the German engineering and technology company has added a new intermediate setting to its mid-drive motors. Get more from your e-bike, where it matters, with Bosch’s Tour+ upgrade.

If you have ever felt that the grades of assistance on your Bosch mid-drive motor are either a touch too strong, or underpowered, for a specific route, this recalibrated setting might prove ideal.

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Making the most of your battery capacity

Bosch’s engineers have evaluated how to best manage demand over varying terrain and created the Tour+ setting.

You don’t need to be an e-bike engineer to understand that this new Bosch offering offers a touch more potency than the standard Tour setting. That ‘+’ gives it away.

The logic behind it is simple: less assistance on the flats, and more electric watts helping you to conquer those climbs.

With e-bikes, data harvesting has allowed product development people and engineers to accurately map, interpret and understand rider usage patterns.

Bosch found that it could trim a bit of assistance on flat sections, where riders did not require that much power from the mid-drive motor. With Tour+ you pedal a bit harder on the even sections of gravel road or trail, and then get a better boost when the terrain steepens.

Tour+ does the thinking for you

This new Bosch setting also reduces any burden of range management, on the rider. With Tour+ using the sensitivity of Bosch’s sensors and software, looping rider input data at 1000 cycles a second, it can expertly vary between Eco and Turbo drive modes.

If you want to ride an e-bike with greater mindfulness, instead of constantly observing battery status and range displays, the Tour+ delivers the best blend of assistance where you need it, enhancing range, in hilly terrain.

Bosch’s target audience for Tour+, are fitter riders who don’t need assistance everywhere, but want to crush climbs, with greater ease. And avoid wasting battery capacity, with unnecessary assistance on the flats.

The Tour+ setting is available for e-bikes fitted with the Bosch Performance Line CX mid-drive motor, from model year 2020 onwards. Your nearest Bosch dealer can do the software upgrade, to enable it.