If you need stronger e-bike brakes or some colourful head unit mounts, Hope will oblige.

With e-bike demand growing and designers producing ever more capable battery-assisted frames, conventional mountain bike components are struggling to keep up.

Although there has been tremendous improvement between e-bike iterations, the truth remains: battery-assisted mountain bikes are heavy. Much heavier than a conventional mountain bike with similar suspension travel.

Heavier bikes require greater braking force to decelerate and even large diameter enduro or downhill rotors can be overwhelmed in this regard. Especially on particularly long and steep descents.

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Making a more e-bike friendly V4

With the ability to complete more descents, due to the climbing assistance of a battery pack and mid-drive motor, the contemporary e-bike is simply brutal on brakes.

Hope make some of the most respected and reliable brakes in the business and the company’s product planners have now revealed new e-bike specific rotors.

These new V4 brake rotors are thicker, which should make them more durable and able to absorb greater energy to heat conversion, without warping.

Locally made – with skill

The e-bike V4 rotors from Hope, are fabricated by laser cutting high-quality steel, delivering absolute precision and material stability. Engineers have also added 2.3mm of thickness to the V4 e-bike rotor, which should keep it running truer for longer, despite the heavier wheels and tyres on e-bikes having more rotational mass and needing larger braking forces.

Only available in the six-bolt hub fastening configuration, the thicker V4 rotors can be had in 180-, 200- and enormous 220mm sizing. Hope is pricing its new e-bike specific brake rotors at £40.00 each.

Beyond the beefier brake components, Hope has also got a new Bosch Kiox head unit mount. These CNC machined mounts are available in six typically bright Hope anodized colours, and retail is £65.00.