Truvativ's Atmos flat carbon handlebar offers leverage and the kind of packaging to flick through narrow forest singletrack.

Mountain bikers who don’t fancy those super-wide handlebars, now have some new narrow width Atmos options from Truvativ.

For XC and trail riders who aren’t keen on 800mm handlebars, Truvativ’s new Atmos range offers 760mm of width, in either carbon-fibre or aluminium.

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The premium offering is an Atmos carbon flat bar, which has 9° of backsweep and features a carbon-fibre layup prioritizing comfort. Truvativ’s new carbon handlebar has a laminate that absorbs trail buzz, reducing hand fatigue.

If you wish to go even narrower with your new Atmos carbon flat bar, it can be trimmed by up to 40mm per side, although the case for a 680mm handlebar is slightly unfathomable for all but the smallest of riders.

Atmos alloy options

Pricing for the Atmos carbon flat bar is £157.00 and weighs only 190g. If you prefer the flat bar in aluminium, weight increases to 250g, with a significant price decrease, down to £65.00.

What if you like the idea of a Truvativ 760mm handlebar, in aluminium, with some rise? For the same money and weight classification as the alloy Atmos flat bar, there are 10- and 20mm riser options.

GoPro friendly stems

Beyond the new handlebars, Truvativ is also market some matching stems. Available in six different lengths (40, 50, 60, 70, 80 and 90mm), these Atmos 7K stems can be had in either 6° of rise or drop.

Truvativ’s product planners realise the importance of GoPro fitment for many riders, therefore the Atmos 7K stem has an integrated GoPro mount.

To reduce the DIY mechanic burden, Truvativ uses a single bolt specification for all the fastening points on their Atmos stem. These new stems price at £69.00.

Get a grip

If you wish to finish your new Truvativ cockpit with some brand matching grips, you’ll be interested in the Descendant range.

Although grips are primarily utilitarian, their fashion function should never be underestimated. Truvativ’s Descendant grips are available in solid colours, marble patterning and a gum finish.

The grips price at £28 each and with six colourways, you are sure to find an option that matching both your build and riding gear.