Broken leg from a fall in Coire Lagan on Skye.

A mountain rescue in the Cuillins on the Isle of Skye last week has been attributed to a cyclist attempting to copy a Danny MacAskill stunt… and failing.

The incident occurred last Friday (April 21st) in the lofty Coire Lagan which has an altitude of almost 2,000 feet. The unnamed mountain biker was from Switzerland. She broke her leg in the accident.

Gerry Akroyd from the Skye Mountain Rescue Team believes the mountain biker was trying to emulate a stunt performed by Danny MacAskill in his iconic film from 2014 called ‘The Ridge’.

“She was up on some of the boulders in Coire Lagan and took a bit of a tumble. She had all the gear on – helmet and knee pads, thankfully. But I think the message for anyone heading up into the Cuillins is – don’t try to outdo Danny MacAskill!” – Gerry Akroy, Skye Mountain Rescue Team leader.

Details of the precise location and nature of the accident are scarce at the moment so it’s hard to confirm just why MacAskill’s film has been singled out by Mr Akroyd in a report in the West Highland Free Press.

‘The Ridge’ was certainly a very popular online video – with more than fifty million views – and featured MacAskill riding on various sketchy looking places in the Cuillins. But we reckon mountain bikers have been riding – and crashing – in the Cuillins long before YouTube came along.

The injured woman was treated at the MacKinnon Memorial Hospital in Broadford but is now back home in Switzerland.