Thomas The Tank Engine goes mountain biking

Relatively terrifying Facebook video of two Brazilian mountain bikers trying not get run over by a train as they unwisely ride through tunnel.

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Original caption: “Galera,venho dar o meu testemunho vivo e do amigoFelipe Vieira do grupo MTBU ( Underground) Eu sei que nós estávamos errados,fomos muito imprudente, túnel de trem nunca foi feito para andar de bike ou passar a pé..
Graças a Deus tudo deu certo..
Que fique de exemplo galera.
Esporte é saúde, se policiem galera.
Nós nos arrependemos muito ..”

Google Translate-d version: “Galera, I come to give my testimony alive and friendFelipe Vieira from the MTBU group (Underground) I know we were wrong, we were very reckless, train tunnel was never made to ride a bike or walk ..
Thank God everything went well ..
What an example galera.
Sport is health, if you police galley.
We repent a lot ..”

Have you ever been tempted to ride through an old railway tunnel that you’re 99% certain is no longer in use? Well, you won’t be tempted any longer if you watch this video!

The video was shot in Brazil and depicts a pair of mountain bikers tentatively teetering into a railway tunnel that they encounter on a ride.

After a few seconds they hear a train approaching and then turn around and hightail it outta there.

Well, one of them does. The other one does the classic Hollywood movie thing of getting his bike snared up and for a few seconds is unable to move. The rider wisely decides his bike isn’t really worth that much and ditches it and runs out of the tunnel as fast as he can.

Thankfully they both escape unharmed. As do both their bicycles.

And then the real mindblowing thing occurs: they go back into the tunnel again and ride their bikes through it!