Sad news from the weekend

A male cyclist has died following a crash at the Swinley Forest trail centre on Saturday July 25.

The man was cycling on his own and was discovered on the Red 25 section at around 4pm, following a bad crash. He was found unconscious by fellow riders who attempted CPR for 20 minutes while waiting for the emergency services to arrive.

The man, who has been named on social media, was announced dead at the scene. He served in the army and was a husband and father.

Red 25 is a downhill section that features tabletop jumps and berms, it is one of the faster sections at Swinley Forest. It is thought that the rider collided with a tree and suffered injuries that proved to be fatal.

This is the second tragic death at Swinley in the space of two years. In 2013 a cyclist died on the blue run following a heart attack suffered while he was on the blue trail.

Swinley Forest is based in Surrey and features three trails: a green, a blue and a red with a black option. It is owned by the Crown Estate.