All of these mountain bike light deals have more than 25% knocked off their price. And they all have at least 600 lumen illuminating power.


All of these mountain bike light deals have more than 25% knocked off their price. And they all have at least 600 lumen illuminating power.

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We scoured the web for the best current night riding lights deals. These aren’t cheap, nasty lights. These are decent MTB lights at the best prices.

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Current best mountain bike light deals

Moonlights Meteor Storm Lite 1100 was £80.00, now £49.00

Save 39%! “Lighting up the path ahead, the Meteor Storm Lite with up to 1100 lumens you will be able to light any road ahead of you. With various lighting modes and adjustable brightness, this light will have you covered in any conditions and situations when cycling.”

Buy Now: Moonlights Meteor Storm Lite Front Bike Light from Go Outdoors for only £49.00!

Kryptonite Alley F-650 Premium USB To See was £68.99, now £49.99

Save 27%! “Side lighting for more visibility. Flexible mounting options. Memory mode. 650 lumens. When battery is less than 10% eco mode kicks in and you’ll be able to get home safely. Mount front lights vertically or horizontally AND on head tube.”

Buy Now: Kryptonite Alley F-650 Premium USB To See Front Light from Cycle Store for only £49.99!

Giant Recon HL900 was £79.99, now £57.59

Save 28%! “Aside from the outstanding light output and industry-leading usage time, the Recon HL1600 and Recon HL900 increase the SpeedBeam technology, which adjusts light beam output based on riding speed; also features a light sensor to monitor ambient light source to change light output; these features help save battery power for when you need it. Brighter, longer and smarter.”

Buy Now: Giant Recon HL900 Front Light from Rutland cycling for only £57.59!

Specialized Flux 800 was £90.00, now £63.59

Save 29%! “The Specialized’s Flux 800 utilises a Cree XPG2 and XPL LED which combine to create the ultimate beam. Wide, long, and directed where you need it most, the Flux 800 will illuminate the trail for all-night riding. Included is a highly adjustable helmet mount, so wherever you’re looking will be illuminated. The Flux 800 also features bright side lights for 180 degree visability. ”

Buy Now: Specialized Flux 800 Headlight from Rutland Cyling for only £63.59!

Lezyne Macro Drive 1300XL was £85.00, now £64.00

Save 25%! “The Macro Drive 1300XXL is a new high-powered LED cycling light offering up to 1,300 lumens of output. It features our Tri-Focus optics, which creates a brighter centre spot in a large wide-angle pattern. It’s constructed from machined aluminium and has cooling fins that optimize performance. The light is micro-USB rechargeable and it can run for up to a massive 148 hours on a full charge. A versatile strap secures it to a variety of handlebar sizes.”

Buy Now: Lezyne Macro Drive 1300XL Front Light from Tredz for only £64.00!

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Ravemen LR800P USB was £49.99, now £35.99

Save 28%! “Specifically designed curved lens with even-distributed flood beam and side visibility, great for road cycling and commuting. Extending battery runtime by connecting with external power source. Multiple brightness levels and daytime visible rapid flashing for night and daytime riding. Wired remote button(sold separately) to change brightness levels safely without releasing the grip. Built-in battery indicator and charging indicator. Thermal protection circuit and durable anodized aluminum body with better heat dissipation performance. Quick release for easily slide in/out; compatible with aero handlebar and round handlebar with 22.2mm to 35mm diameter.”

Buy Now: Ravemen LR800P USB Rechargeable Front Light from Merlin Cycles for only £35.99!

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Niterider Lumina 1200 OLED Boost was £140.00, now £102.95

Save 26%! “The NiteRider Lumina OLED 1200 Boost is an innovative bike light that removes the guesswork related to battery life, allowing you to plan your next ride safely with complete confidence, day or night. The OLED multifunctional digital display screen delivers precise battery run times as a percentage and actual time for the Lumina OLED’s 9 lighting levels. The Lumina OLED 1200 Boost features a custom engineered collimator sense, producing a generous widespread beam pattern. With Boost Mode providing a stunning 1200 lumens of maximum light output, this makes the Lumina OLED highly capable for use when navigating through diverse riding conditions.”

Buy Now: Niterider Lumina 1200 OLED Boost Front Bike Light from Merlin Cycles for only £102.95!

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Cateye Volt 1700 was £179.99, now £133.99

Save 26%! “The Volt 1700 is CatEye’s most user-friendly, high powered rechargeable light, offering enhanced light distribution on or off the beaten track. Not only does it pump out an extra 100 Lm over the Volt 1600, it also benefits from side visibility, a tool-free replaceable cartridge battery, a 3 level battery indicator and a significantly shorter recharging time. With 5 modes giving run times from 2 – 150 hrs, the Volt 1700 does it all.”

Buy Now: Cateye Volt 1700 Rechargeable Front Bike Light from Merlin Cycles for only £133.99!

Gemini Titan 2500 OLED was £249.99, now £187.99

Save 25%! “Generating such brilliant brightness is a USB-rechargeable two-cell Lithium-Ion battery, while the battery unit pulls double duty as a power bank for other Type-C USB-charging mobile phones and cycling computers. An OLED display on the rear of the light keeps you on top of the battery levels, while a wireless remote lets you pair the unit with your separate helmet-mounted lamp for excellent fingertrip control.”

Buy Now: Gemini Titan 2500 OLED 2-Cell Front Light from Chain Reaction Cycles for only £187.99!

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Lifeline ORI 1700 Lumen Power Bank was £99.99, now £74.99

Save 25%! “A long-lasting and reliable front bike light for the daily and distance rider, this powerful lamp by LifeLine uses a three-LED setup to keep you illuminated and seen from as many angles as possible. The central LED has a maximum 1000-lumen output while the two side LEDs feature 350 lumens each. The full combined power emits a brilliant 1700-lumen brightness with a 1 hour and 40-minute burn time.”

Buy Now: Lifeline ORI 1700 Lumen Power Bank Front Light from Chain Reaction Cycles for only £74.99!

Mountain bike light deals don’t last forever

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