Nomination process now open

It’s nomination time again for the Mountain Bike Hall Of Fame and for us it’s a three horse race between Bender, Peaty and Stan. Who would you choose?

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Every year the Mountain Bike Hall Of Fame (opens up a nomination process to get someone new included in the hallowed MTB Hall of Fame (shall we call it MBHOF for the rest of this story?)

Anyone can be nominated but there is a list of pre-qualified ‘roll-forwards’; people who have made previous years’ shortlists but haven’t gone on to claim a final spot. There are six people on 2018’s ‘roll-forward’ list. The three biggest glaring names on this list are: Josh Bender, Steve Peat and Stan Koziatek.

The first two names you almost certainly know. Freeride legend Bender has been on the nearly-MBHOF list since 2015. Peaty has only been waiting since last year.

But who is this Stan Koziatek fella? You may know him better as simply Stan. Yep, of Stan’s NoTubes tubeless fame.

We think Stan is more than worthy of getting inducted into the MBHOF. He more than anyone else is responsible for getting tubeless out there.

For sure Bender and Peaty are inspirational riders and racers but it’s Stan who has made more mountain bikers’ lives better in a real world riding sense. It’s all too easy to forget what it was like riding bikes before tubeless became the norm. We had to choose between pressures that were too high or tyres that were too burly or simply putting up with repairing pinch flats every few miles.

Many folk would have quite after the numerous teething troubles of ‘going tubeless’ not to mention the outright sneering abuse tubeless proponents got from the ‘just stick an inner tube in it mate’ brigade.

Well done Stan for sticking at it (pun intended).

What is MBHOF?

MBHOF: “A global entity representing the entire world of mountain biking. Their charter is to recognize those who have shaped the sport and who have had widespread influence. These individuals may have been working out of their garage, through a brand, an organization or in competition. Whether building bikes, building trails or racing, a worthy candidate will have contributed something more than a great track record. A strong candidate will have shifted the paradigm and changed the way we look at things going forward. Their contribution will have as much significance 10 or 20 years from now as it does today.”

Who is in the Mountain Bike Hall Of Fame?

The first thing to note is that there are a lot of MBHOFers. But let’s not let that detract from the kudos. Every single person on this list has contributed above and beyond to mountain biking.

If you don’t know a name on this list, it’s well worth Wikipedia-ing them to read about their achievements.

Dave Garoutte
Mike Sinyard
Tom Ritchey
Jacquie Phelan
Joe Murray
Murdoch (The Infamous)
Charlie Kelly
Gary Fisher
Charlie Cunningham
Steve Cook
Joe Breeze
Victor Vincente
Steve Potts
Jeff Lindsay
Erik Koski
Wende Cragg
Don Cook
Cindy Whitehead-Buccowich
Ned Overend
Glenn Odell
Scot Nicol
Tom Hillard
Chris Chance
John Tomac
Ross Shafer
Mike Rust
Chuck “Bodfish” Elliot
Dr. Al Farrell
Craig and Gary Cook
Carole Bauer
Gary Klein
Ed Zink
Fred Wolf
Mark Slate
Tom Mayer
Don Douglass
Sara Ballantyne
Gary Helfrich
Otis Guy
Charlie Litsky
Jimmy Deaton
Juliana Furtado
Alan Armstrong
Ignaz & Frank Schwinn
Bill Cockroft
Douglas Bradbury
Keith Bontrager
Steve Ready
Kay Peterson-Cook
Zapata Espinoza
Richard Cunningham
The Cupertino Riders
Marilyn Price
Greg Herbold
Kent Eriksen
Mert Lawwill
Susan DeMattei
John Parker
Jim Hasenauer
Max Jones
Dean Crandall
Regina Stiefl
Paola Pezzo
Mtn. Bike Club Discovery
Hans Rey
Tim Gould
Thomas Frischknecht
Velo Cross Club Parisien (VCCP)
Dave Wiens
Steve Tilford
John Stamstad
Keizo Shimano
Linda DuPriest
Richard Long
Tinker Juarez
Denise Caramagno
Steve Boehmke
Tim Blumenthal
Elaine & Maurice Tierney
Brian Skinner
Laird Knight
Mike Kloser
Michael Kelley
Jacob Heilbron
Ashley Korenblat
Dan Koeppel
Cindy Devine
Gary Crandall
Paul Thomasberg
Pat Follett and Tom Spiegel
Kurt Loheit
Matt Hebberd
The British Columbians
Gary Sprung
Tom Moran
Chris King
Robert Gregorio
Travis Brown
Frank Wadelton
Alison Sydor
Sal Ruibal
Hill Abell
Nat Ross
Brian Lopes
Philip Keyes
Bob Girvin
John Finley Scott
Steve Blick
Larkspur Canyon Gang
Marc Vendetti
Dave Garoutte
Colorado Plateau Mountain Bike Trail Association -COPMOBA
Anne-Caroline Chausson
Jim Wannamaker
John Ker
Alan Bonds
‘Fro Riders’
Pete Webber
The Laguna Rads
Patrice Drouin & Chantal Lachance
Bob Allen
Bob Woodward
Monte Ward
Gary Sjoquist
Ruthie Matthes
Dave House
Nicolas Vouilloz
Marla Streb
Robin & Bill Groff
David Epperson
Concerned Off Road Bicyclists Association-CORBA
Jimmy “Mac” McIlvain
The Koski Family’s Cove Bike Shop
Leigh Donovan
Jenn Dice
Uli Stanciu
North Shore Trail Builders
Horst Leitner
Glen Jacobs
Román Urbina
Missy Giove
Matt Fritzinger
Hank Barlow
Jeff Archer
Wolfgang Renner
Mark Norstad
Brent Foes
Giovanna Bonazzi

Who’s missing?

Who did you you expect top be in the list but isn’t there? What is the biggest glaring oversight of the MBHOF so far? It seems amazing that none of the founders of Hope Technology are there for a start hey?