RockShox dropper users can now benefit from a clever Swiss seat clamp.

Progressive geometry has done great things for rider confidence and balance when descending. But for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

And the Newtonian reality of very slack bikes has been some odd seat angles with riders struggling to get their seat position, exactly where they want.

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Slide it along – safely

If you dislike the feeling of looping-out on a steep technical climb, there is now a solution. Provided you are using a RockShox Reverb dropper, some Swiss engineers have fashioned a new seat clamp to allow for far greater adjustability.

FAIR is launching its DROP BEST seat clamp as a Reverb only product, and it promises to help riders find that ideal climbing position on trail and enduro bikes.

Manufactured to typically strict Swiss standards, the DROP BEST is 51g heavier than a stock Reverb seat clamp, but can slide 27mm further, fore or aft. That translates to a 2° seat angle adjustment.

Riders who are nervous about sliding their saddle beyond the strain markers can now do exactly that with a DROP BEST clamp. And not have to worry about seat rail failure.

Reverb analogue for now

Designed to work with the RockShox Reverb mountain standards, this FAIR DROP BEST component is an easy fit. And even simpler to adjust.

The caveat is that you are limited to non-wireless Reverbs, for now. If you have an AXS dropper, it is not going to work. Although a surge in customer demand from riders on rival brands of dropper, could see the Swiss company expand its offering.

Price? FAIR is marketing the DROP BEST clamp at $118. Not that much of an investment to unlock the climbing comfort and full potential of your long, slack and low, mountain bike geometry.