Distinguished industrial design and a very impressive weight number, for this Spanish downhill rig.

Little more than half a year after it first gained 29” wheels, Mondraker’s renowned downhill bike platform is now available in carbon.

The Spanish brand has created a full carbon version of its Summum, which looks absolutely terrific.

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A very light gravity race bike

Downhill racers might not obsess about grams with the compulsion of XC riders, but a lighter bike is never a bad thing. And in the category of light downhill frames, this new Summum is a contender.

The frame weight is a mere 2800g (without shock). Achieving this mass rating can largely be credited to Mondraker’s commitment regarding a comprehensive carbon-fibre approach, to the latest Summum.

Its tube shapes are gorgeous, but the frame has no aluminium structure, from front to rear. That rocker link, activating the 200mm of rear suspension, and Summum’s entire aft triangle, are all carbon. No alloy welds to seen and part of why the Summum is so light.

You can relax the front – a lot

Geometry is standard downhill fare, which is to say – radical.

The head angle sits at 63.5°, which can be slackened to 62.5°. Mondraker also offers a more comprehensive geometry adjust kit, which can theoretically take the Summum carbon’s head angle down to 61.5°. It can also vary the 455mm chainstay length by 5mm, longer or shorter, depending on rider and track requirements.

Perhaps the Summum carbon’s most interesting feature, is digital, instead of mechanical. Mondraker showed its data acquisition technology earlier this year and this new downhill bike is equipped with the brand’s MIND telemetry system.

Factory race build is an option

Build kits? Riders can pretend to be Laurie Greenland or Brook MacDonald, with the premium Summum Carbon RR.

It rolls e*thirteen carbon wheels, shod with Michelin DH34 tyres. Kashima coated Fox Factory suspension deals with those big terrain impacts, whilst a Shimano Saint drivetrain and stoppers, complete the build.

Racing downhill on a budget, but desperately want a carbon bike with some Spanish design flair? That will be the Summum Carbon R. Aluminium e*thirteen wheels, Fox Performance suspension bits and SRAM’s Code R brakes.