A cool little video about piecing together a run down '50 Shades of Black'

BikePark Wales is the trail park that’ll put a smile on your face all day. Here’s a cool little video about piecing together a run down ’50 Shades of Black’.

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Mike’s MTB Adventures: “Bike Park Wales has as huge array of trails. Something for all abilities. Making this a place to truly satisfy anyone. An experience that will leave you smiling and coming back for more.

“Until recently, I’ve always stuck with the blue and red trails. Why I hear you ask? Well it’s all down to ability and skill level. The big features scare me. The responsibility of family and work always in the back of my mind should the worst case scenario happen. However, to improve and push the limits we must try new things. So after all this time I finally had the courage to tackle 50 Shades of Black.

“Like most I’d watched countless videos to get an idea of what would come. Although features always look smaller from the action camera footage. The game plan was to simply ride and stop at the bigger features, making sure we were doing it all in the safest way possible to reach the bottom.

“I was accompanied by Matt and we helped each other at all stages of the run. No going back on this one we said. Weighing up all the big features and choosing the best lines to take. Fear pushing us in a positive way to achieve it. When you finally hit that section that has you thinking so badly “What if”. It’s just an incredible feeling when it goes well. Hitting the right line and landing safely ready for the next obstacle. So all this time I’ve been putting it off and not really understanding where that limit lies.

“Truth be told, if you don’t push yourself – you’ll never know.”