A high TPI count and dual-layer casing technology, for these new Michelin products.

Michelin has revealed three new mountain bike tyres, targeted at riders who need increased rolling speed and low casing weight.

These new Michelin tyres use a similar casing, with dual 150 TPI layers, hence the new XC² affix. Engineers at Michelin have created the cross shield dual-layers to increase casing suppleness and trail feedback, without making the tyres too vulnerable.

New tread patterns and tread blocks offer a range of low-resistance options for those XC and trail riders, who don’t require colossal tread blocks to descend.

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Fast and light

The range starts with Michelin’s Jet XC². Sized 29×2.25”, this tyre weighs only 710g and features a fast-rolling tread pattern, with a combination of y- and l-shaped tread blocks.

For riders who want slightly larger and more dispersed tread blocks, for superior mud-shedding ability, there is the updated Force XC².

Available in 29×2.1” or 29×2.25” sizes, the Force XC² offers low weight and a bit more cornering traction than the Michelin Jet XC². Weight ratings are 680g for the 29×2.1” and 710g for the 29×2.25”.

A new Michelin for wild trail riding

Completing Michelin’s new XC and light-duty trail tyre range, is the Wild XC. It offers the largest tread blocks of Michelin’s three new tyres. This accounts for the slight weight increase, compared to the Jet and Force.

The Wild XC 29×2.25” weighs 730g. For those riders who want a touch more casing volume and contact patch, there is a 29×2.35” version, too, at 760g.

Michelin engineers have opted for a wider spacing of alternating vertical and horizontal centre tread blocks, on the Wild XC. The tyre’s shoulder tread blocks are sized to enhance cornering confidence, when the casing is leaned over under load.

Both the Force and Wild XC tyres have extensive siping applied to all tread blocks, allowing these new Michelins to shape even better when rolling over rocks and roots, finding all available grip.