Manitou has developed a new damper, creating a more affordable price point for the Mezzer for range.

The suspension division of Hayes has a new value enduro fork offering.

Manitou has now added the Mezzer Expert to its fork range, complimenting the exiting Pro specification.

The two forks are similar in structure, both using 37mm stanchions and Manitou’s reverse arch bracing for the lowers.

Manitous has differentiated the two forks by their internals, with the Pro version retaining its superior damper, in terms of adjustability.

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Simpler damper

The Mezzer Pro uses an MC2 damper and features the IRT volume adjuster. On the Expert, your fork’s compression is controlled by a new VVT-6P damper, which is true to its acronym, by providing six primary adjustments.

Both the Mezzer Expert’s high- and low-speed compression characteristics are simultaneously influenced, when turning a single adjustment knob. On the Mezzer Pro, a rider can individually tailor either the high- or low-speed compression response, with separate adjusters.

Targeted at the enduro market, Manitou’s Mezzer Expert is available in 27.5- and 29” wheel size configurations, with travel ranging from 140- to 180mm. Riders can select their ideal travel setting, in 10mm increments, without the need for replacement parts.

There’s an upgrade option

Manitou offers two offsets for each wheel size, which should cover the geometry requirements for most contemporary enduro frames. On the 27.5” Mezzer Expert there are 37- and 44mm offsets, whilst the 29er option carries over that 44mm option and also offers a 51mm offset.

Single crown enduro forks work hard and to keep performance consistent, there is Manitou’s Trail Side Relief (TSR) ports, allowing riders to purge casing pressure and deliver even better small-bump sensitivity.

With the Mezzer Pro and Expert having broadly similar mechanical structures, riders of the more affordable fork have the choice to upgrade, as funds become available.

The Pro level IRT volume adjust functional and MC2 damper, with its separate high- and low-speed compression adjust circuits, can be bought and fitted to the Mezzer Expert.