It's a busy studio this episode as Danny, Alan, and Jamie take a look at the latest releases from Merida and Norco.

Merida has just launched the new eOne-Sixty e-bike range, with a split down the middle that aims to appeal to two different customers. Somewhere along the line the message has got lost in translation however, with the heavier, long-range platform being given the name ‘Lite’, and the slimmed-down, agile carbon bike being called the CF. And that’s not the only head scratcher. Despite being called eOne-Sixty, the bikes have 174mm of travel. Danny and Alan unravel the confusion and give their early ride impressions, which, once you get passed the muddled names, are really positive.

Norco Sight

The Norco Sight goes high-pivot for 2024

In the other big launch news, Norco has released new high-pivot versions of the Sight and Optic trail bikes. With the Optic being the shortest travel high-pivot idler bike so far… or is it?

Jamie has been riding the Optic and trying to work out whether there’s sufficient pay-off in suspension performance and ride quality to offset the extra weight, drag, and complication. All big potential drawbacks for a bike in a category that’s all about minimalism and efficiency.

2024 Core Bike Show highlights

2024 Core Bike Show highlights

We’ve also been to the UK’s Core Bike Show, where most of the major brands and distributors show up to talk to media and dealers and display their latest tech kit. Some new bits that stood out to us were the new, reduced-drag  Michelin tyres, and RRP’s new bolt-on mudguard.

Watch the show to get our insights on all these new bikes and kit.