Canadian brand Norco is back in the UK and celebrating with two new high-pivot models: the Sight all-mountain model, and short travel Optic.


Norco has launched new, evolved models of their popular trail and all-mountain bikes, the Optic and Sight, both using high-pivot idler designs. The Sight uses inspiration from its enduro bike, the Range, and comes as a 160/150mm set-up with Norco’s Virtual Pivot Suspension/High Pivot (VPS/HPS) platform. The Optic also makes use of this system, but in a lighter weight, shorter travel format that pitches it squarely up against the highly-praised Forbidden Druid. Jamie has been riding one, so for his first impressions, head over to our Norco Optic first ride review.

Norco Optic and Sight need to know:

  • New, evolved models of the all-mountain Sight
  • Trail bike Optic also sees new models released and moves to a high-pivot design
  • Both designed around Norco’s Virtual Pivot (four-bar), High Pivot Suspension layout
  • New Norco Sight range starts at £5,999
  • Latest Norco Optic range to cost from £6,999
Norco Sight

The MY24 Norco Sight gets a trendy high-pivot idler, four-bar linkage and proportional geometry, with 150mm of rear travel.

Norco Sight

The Norco Sight is an all-mountain model that has been redesigned around the brand’s VPS/HPS suspension layout. According to Norco, this innovative design not only allows for a dynamic and responsive feel, but also uses a chainstay mounted idler to manage pedal kickback and chain growth. Travel is 160mm front and 150mm rear.

It’s available with a 27.5in rear wheel as standard (as well as 29in options in some countries). You can also swap the linkarm and lower shock mount with a ‘Missing Link Kit’ to convert between the two wheel size options. There are both carbon fibre and aluminium frame options with identical geometries, and Silverfish is bringing one of each platform into the UK.

There will also be five different frame sizes (1, 2, 3, 4 and 5) which Norco claims will suit riders up to 6ft 5in (196cm). The rear centres and seat tube angle of each size is unique to ensure proportional geometry and more consistent weight balance.

The inspiration for the latest iteration of the Sight comes from the Norco Range enduro bike, with features like an increased rearward axle path and the suspension layout we discussed above. Norco claims that these updates “give the Sight more confidence in rough terrain” in a more pedal-friendly package.

The models/options in the UK are:

  • Sight C frame – £3,999
  • Sight A1 bike – £5,999
  • Sight C2 bike – £6,499
Norco Optic

While high-pivot designs are normally reserved for longer-travel applications, the new Norco Optic bucks that trend with only 125mm at the rear.

Norco Optic

The next bike to see a revamp is the trail option, the Norco Optic. Jamie’s had a play on one ahead of the launch so make sure you give his first ride a read for further details on performance. Like the Sight, it has also been designed around the brand’s VPS/HPS suspension layout, and in Norco’s words condenses the knowledge from the longer travel bikes into “a lightweight package”.

With 140mm/125mm travel it’s firmly within the trail category, so if you enjoy climbing and more natural riding then this is certainly an option to consider. Like the Sight, the increase in the rearward axle path and inclusion of an idler has allowed Norco to manage pedal feedback while keeping the playfulness of a short travel bike.

Norco Optic

Only one model of Optic will be brought into the UK by new distributor, Silverfish.

The anti-squat has also been tuned for “efficiency and responsive feel under power” so you won’t lose any excess energy through the pedals. It’ll come with a 27.5in rear wheel option as standard (although some markets again will have a 29in option).

Both carbon and aluminium options are presented, but for now it looks like the UK will just be offered the carbon frame and complete bike. Again, it comes in five sizes and suits riders up to 6ft 5in (196cm).

The models/options:

  • Optic C frame – £3,799
  • Optic C2 bike – £6,999