Fancy a holiday?

Look out of the window, go on, right now. What do you see? Nothing but grey clouds, driving rain and glumness if your view is anything like ours. If all this British weather is getting you down then we have something that might just cheer you up – free entry to a three day mountain bike event in Sardinia!

The My Land MTB Non Stop is an endurance event that sees riders trying to cover huge distances in a set time period. Participants can either chose to ride 120km (24 hours), 220km (30 hours) or 400 km (55 hours) in the Sardinian countryside between April 23-26.

The free entry includes:

  • A track and way-point of the route in GPX format
  • A tour-book with useful information about the route and local area
  • A booklet with tourist information
  • A personalized front bike beam
  • Insurance covering accidents
  • A pick-up service for your bike in case you leave by ambulance.
  • Hosting at the headquarters: i.e. free use of indoor space (for example at a gym where you can sleep with your own equipment) or outdoors (where you can set up your tent, or park your caravan or camper), availability of electricity, running drinking water, and warm showers
  • Hosting service at some check points (specifically availability of electricity, drinking water, warm showers)
  • Certificate of participation (Wooo!)
  • Pack of local products

All that is asked is that you stop at checkpoints along the way to log your time. You are supposed to be self-sufficient while you are out on the ride but you will not be disqualified for visiting a local pizzeria or bar. And best of all, the average temperature for Sardinia in late April is 18°C – that’ll do nicely! For the full breakdown of the event and the kit you need to take, click here.

So how do you claim this offer? Well register for the event with a medical certificate and, instead of paying your entry fee via Paypal, email letting her know you are a Cycling Weekly/mbr reader who will be able to send you confirmation.

Before you know it you’ll be spinning along Sardinian coastal paths sampling speciality hams and sipping on local wine. Don’t say we never treat you!

For more information, click here.