Looks like Caersws Bike Park is taking over where Revs left off, with a big new black-graded jump line from Matt Jones


There’s a new trail taking shape at Caersws Bike Park in Powys, Mid-Wales, shaped by YouTuber Matt Jones it’s a jump line designed to help grow the bike park and develop your riding skills.

Details are still pretty thin on the ground as yet, but “it’s going to be insanely fun to ride,” according to Matt Jones. What we do know is the track will be running when the park opens up to the public again after its winter hiatus, on Saturday February 3.

One of the 15 big jumps on Matt Jones’s new signature line, sponsored by Shimano and Helfare clothing

That means you can ride it on day one if you’re quick, and potentially even feature in Matt Jones’s edit.

Ride it and you can expect transfers, hips, step downs, doubles and step ups, according to the dig crew, with 15 jumps in total. Add all that up and you’ve got a black graded jump line similar to Vision at the erstwhile Revolution Bike Park.

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Matt Simmonds - SM

Matt Simmonds, former DH racer and now owner of Caersws Bike Park. Pic: Sim Mainey

Caersws is best known on the downhill circuit as a race track, but over the past three years, and with the help of co-owner and former pro rider Matt Simmonds, the venue has grown into a proper bike park. There are currently four tracks at Caersws Bike Park, all graded red and above, with the new unnamed jump trail taking the tally to five.

The track’s been sponsored by Shimano, and Matt Jones’s Helfare clothing line, and you can check out the progress of the build at Caersws on Matt’s YouTube channel over the next couple of months. 

Big enough for you? Caerews is picking up the mantle where Revs left off, with a line to rival Vision

When we visited the bike park earlier this year, Matt Simmonds told us the plan was to grow slowly rather than trying to cram in as many new trails as possible. A blue trail was ruled out on the grounds that it would take too much digger work, not ideal in a park limited for space. That said, a big jump line like Matt Jones’s new behemoth arguably takes more space, so clearly a change of direction was needed. 

Matt Simmonds, co-owner at Caersws Bike Park, said of the new trail: “As we approach our fourth year at the park, we are excited for what lies ahead. This new line is going to be the perfect addition to our trail network. To have a long-standing brand, such as Shimano, support the park is amazing, and likewise with Helfare MTB apparel, old and new friends join up and we can’t wait to hit the trails.”

Caersws bike park

Caersws Bike Park is ideal for downhill bikes, but Matt Simmonds has told us enduro bikes are a growing sight. Pic: Sim Mainey

Matt Jones said: “When I heard the plans for Caersws Bike Park to grow, it felt like an immense opportunity for Helfare to partner with the new crew there. I raced downhill at Caersws as a junior, so I understood the potential the hill had. But rather than just sponsoring the park and sticking some banners up, we thought it would be way more epic to help create an iconic trail that inspires progression and puts Caersws back on the map as one of the UK’s top uplift destinations.

“In the same way we’re pushing and expanding Helfare to be a leading technical MTB clothing brand. As a Shimano athlete, I heard that Shimano was actively investing in the UK trail community, and so it was a dream come true to combine resources with a brand renowned for performance and drive. This line is going to be insanely fun to ride. Actually, ridiculously fun.”