Busted by a dashcam

On Saturday October 15th Izzadnaff Abdul Qusyairl (15) decided to ride his mountain bike over the top of a yellow Lamboghini Gallardo that was parked up outside Bedok Stadium in Singapore.

Unbeknownst to Izzadnaff there was a dashcam in the Lambo recording his every move. The owner of the supercar – Aaron Rylan Keder (28) – subsequently posted the video on his Facebook page where it duly went viral.

The video currently has over 285,000 views and has attracted 371 comments – most of which are not very complimentary towards the cyclist’s actions.

>>> “My God, I think a bullet just went by my head”

The exact explanation as to why Izzadnaff did what he did is just to be made explicit but maybe it had something to do with copying this (in)famous clip of a BMXer doing the same thing a couple of years ago…

Eventually Mr Keder found the identity of the rider. And then the rider’s Mum found out.

Mr Keder has recently met up with Izzadnaff and his parents and has forgiven him for his stunt.

Mr Keder told Singapore’s The New Paper: “I met the family on Sunday afternoon and we have resolved the issue. All I wanted was an explanation from the boy and to know how he felt when he went on top of my car. I also wanted him to know that what he had done was wrong and not to repeat it.

“The boy has a bright future ahead of him and I know if I were to blow it up, it would have severe consequences. There were many negative remarks online as well and I felt they were really unnecessary. Izzadnaff apologised when I met him. I knew he was really sorry about it.”

Izzadnaff’s Mum, Azizah Mohd Putih: “Izzadnaff is usually obedient. I don’t know what happened to him that day. He was very afraid to admit to his mistake after that, but I told him that he had done something wrong, so he had to stand up and admit his mistake.”

Izzadnaff said “I am really sorry for the hurt and inconvenience caused upon Mr Aaron and my family”.