Kriss Kyle on a Specialized Enduro 29

A quick and dirty edit of pro BMXer Kriss Kyle ragging a Spesh Enduro 29 around Glentress’ singletrack and freeride area.

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If the name Kriss Kyle sounds familiar then chances are you may be nearly-recalling the heady times of 2015 when Kyle’s ‘Kaleidocscope’ video for red Bull went a tad viral.

Whether you remember that amazing video or not you should immediately go and watch it now.

Anyway, this vid. What’s the best bit? Well, aside from the sheer odd spectacle of seeing Kriss Kyle pumping away behind the tall front end of Specialized Enduro 29, it has to be Kyle’s jogging footplant along the wallride doesn’t it? Just the right side of tricksy with a side order of amusing gimmickry.

According to Kyle’s new sponsors – Specialized obvs – we can expect some more mountain bike mayhem in feature-length from at some point in 2018. Ooh, exciting!

Video description

Specialized UK: “Eleven years of dedication to one wheel size is something to be applauded. Travelling around the world to some of the best spots and sending tricks never seen before. That’s another. But jumping off a 20” BMX, onto a 29er and having the skill to pin those same tricks? That takes some serious balls. “