If you desire a boutique aluminium frame and innovative rear suspension linkage, the Chilcotin now rolls 29er wheels.

Knoll has finally modernised its Chilcotin, creating two potent new enduro bikes.

The Canadian boutique brand now offers the Chilcotin with 29” wheels, a significant upgrade from the previous version’s 26” configuration.

Keen followers of Knolly will be thrilled at the scale of updates visited upon the 2021 Chilcotin.

Bigger wheels and more suspension travel

Riders can have their new 29er Chilcotin with 150- or 166mm of rear suspension, balanced by either a 160- or 170mm fork up front.

The frame is constructed from 6066-series aluminium and features Knolly’s Fourby4 suspension, with its unique dual rocker link arrangement.

Design to optimized traction over braking bumps, one of the Chilcotin’s links control its rear wheel axle path, mitigating brake lockup. The other rocker link connects to its shock, controlling the overall damping progression.

As enduro as you want it to be

As one would expect from a Canadian designed enduro bike, the new Chilcotin has been shaped with some very daring angles. It runs a 63.8° head angle and rider weight is neatly centred over the frame, when descending, by generous reach numbers. On a size large, the reach value measures to 490mm.

Unlike most of its rivals, the Chilcotin uses an ultra-wide 157x12mm rear axle standard. This allows Knolly to offer chainring clearance of up to 36t, whilst allowing the widest possible spoke bracing, for those mechanics keen on producing the burliest 29” enduro wheel building solutions.

Canadians know all about riding technical trails in mud and as such, the Chilcotin is certified to run 29×2.6” tyres without any clearance issues.

Available in two colours (moody blue and raw aluminium), the Chilcotin frame has gorgeous welds and bolted port covers, for its internal cabling – which should do a tidy job of preventing any rattles.

Knolly will be offering build options of both the 150- and 166mm Chilcotins, with prices starting at $5300.