Ride the route, find the loot and win an amazing prize!

Here’s the deal. Each month, somewhere along our Killer Loop featured in the magazine, we’ll hide a SRAM water bottle with a codeword hidden inside.

Find the bottle first and you win!

There’s a map inside the magazine to show you where to go, and we’ll release its location with the OS map coordinates on the first Saturday after the mag hits the shelves — check our social media feeds on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for updates.

You’ll have to hunt around a bit to find it, but we won’t make it too hard! The rider who finds the bottle and emails us the codeword wins a fantastic prize from SRAM.

mbr october 2017

October issue Killer Loop Grid Ref was SU824121

And the lucky winner of a set of a SRAM GX Eagle groupset and a RockShox Pike RC fork was…

David and Cameron Flowers.

“Firstly thanks for another great killer loop, we thoroughly enjoyed it, (twice) this one was made even better by happening to find a little red bottle with the code words “Troy Brosnan” in it, along with a slightly soggy Kit Kat!

“My 15 year old son and I enjoyed riding the loop last Saturday as soon as the mag arrived through the door, we decided that it was worth doing again on the 23rd to have a go at the SRAM comp. Having studied the map we decided we had to select a likely area and commit to being there for the 10am release rather than chasing around by car, if it turned out to be at the other end of the route we would just enjoy the ride for a second time.

“This we did and opted for Kingly Vale as our start point, knowing that it was downhill to quite a large area with plenty of prime bottle hiding locations close by. On our ride up to the top we were enjoying quality father and son time and looking out for possible hiding locations making mental notes and discussing where we would have hidden the bottle.

“Being in good time we even rode behind a line of old beech with plenty of hiding spots and noted the log piles as we cleared the mud from clogged wheels just in case we could spot anything, but no luck.

“On reaching a five way junction that required a bit of care to select the correct route to the top I was thinking this would make a prime spot with people potentially coming from all directions and possible route confusion. I noticed a splayed tree in the middle of the triangle I am not sure why I stopped – other than I had slowed anyway – to check the navigation.

“Risking ridicule from my son who had stopped slightly ahead of me I decided to get off my bike and take a closer look at the tree, I pulled a couple of logs from the crux and there starring up at me was the black top of a red bottle!! Time 9:35!

“We opened the bottle to find a damp and mouldy note “Congratulations!…” Still not quite able to believe our luck we took our picture noted the Grid Ref (on the back of a £20 note, all that I had to write on) and decided to head up to the top and await the release of the grid ref to confirm we had actually found the correct bottle.

“After a nervous wait of 40 mins sitting in the sunshine at the top of Kingley Vale the grid ref finally came through confirming we had found the correct location. Happy days! Time to go and enjoy the rest of the ride, with the addition of a celebratory breakfast at QE2 mid-way this time!”

Congratulations Flowers!


August issue’s prize bottle still not found!

Win a set of SRAM RSC brakes and a Truvativ bar and stem

Brecon Beacons from the August MBR this time folks.

Want to go faster? Get better brakes. Having faith in your ability to scrub speed means you’re going to be much happier riding harder. With a four-piston caliper, SRAM’s Code RSC brakes has been designed to provide enough stopping power to haul up even the fastest riders on the longest and most challenging descents. Power is nothing without control though, so modulation and lever feel has been honed to let you know exactly what it going on at the wheel – even with just one finger.

To win a set of SRAM Code RSC brakes and a Truvativ bar and stem, you’ll need to find the red SRAM waterbottle that we’ve hidden on the route.

To win you’ll need to find the red SRAM water bottle we’ve stashed along the route. Don’t forget to take a selfie and tag us @mbrmagazine on social media.

August issue’s prize location Grid Ref: SO233307

Clue: the water bottle is hidden in the roots of a tree that has been blown down.

September issue’s prize location Grid Ref was SS893440

And the lucky winner of a set of SRAM Roam 60 wheels was…

killer loop

Mr Graham Otter.

Congratulations Graham!


August issue’s prize location Grid Ref is SO233307

July’s lucky winner of a RockShox Reverb and 1x Remote was…

Mr Phill Collings.

“Thanks for a great loop, when I got to the co-ordinates I found the dry stone wall hidden just off the track in the deep bracken.  I looked in all the gaps of the wall, but found nothing.  I then started working my way out from there, going as far south as the bend in the track and north right up to the four wheel drive track.  After about 45 minutes I assumed I had been beaten to it and I went back to my starting point for one last look, I spotted a pile of stones, a flash of red and there it was…”

Congratulations Phill! A Reverb and remote is being sorted out currently.

July issue’s prize location Grid Ref was SD247962

And the lucky winner of a RockShox Pike fork was…

Mr Andy Phillips.

“I live just over 1 hour away. I saw it in the mag and instantly thought I had to give it a go as I knew the area fairly well. I headed out on my own to the top of The Beast for just before 10am taking a guess it would be near there, when the coordinates were released turns out my guess was wrong so had a fair bit of pedalling to do!

“I got to the right area at about 20 past thought I was the only one there but then found four other guys searching!

“I searched for it for over 45 mins no one was having any luck, we were all close to giving up, went along the wall one more time and hey presto!”

Congratulations Andy! A Pike is being sorted out currently.

June issue’s prize location Grid Ref was SD247962

And the lucky winner of a SRAM Eagle groupset was…

Mr Ben Gerrish.

Congratulations Ben! An Eagle is being sorted out as we speak.

The boring bit

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Please note: The prizes are as stated, are not transferable to another individual and no cash or other alternatives will be offered. MBR’s decision is final. Only one prize per entrant; so no serial killers this time!