We owe it to Jason to get him in the Marin Mountain Bike Hall of Fame where he belongs

We would like to remind older readers – and inform younger ones – just who Jason McRoy was and how he shaped and influenced the sport we all love.

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This is not the first year that we’ve seen Jason McRoy nominated for Mountain Bike Hall Of Fame, but we basically aren’t going to stop until JMC gets in there!

jaosn mcroy

Pic: James McRoy

2020 is 25 years since the iconic Jason McRoy was tragically killed. The short, but eventful, life of Jason ended on August 24 1995, when his Harley Davison motorbike was in collision with a lorry at Woodhead Pass on the A628 in Derbyshire.

Jason’s influence on the UK mountain biking scene is profound and unfinished. As the first Brit to receive a full factory sponsorship deal, Jason is a legend and the origin of British downhill mountain bike racing success.

You can read the full history of Jason’s life on jasonmcroy.com

jason mcroy

Pic: James McRoy

But Jason left more than just a sadly truncated list of impressive results. He was inspirational for a whole generation of UK mountain bikers. It’s not too much of a statement to say that without JMC there’d be no Peaty, no Danny Hart World Champs, no Rachel Atherton domination and much else besides.

Jason McRoy sent the message that not only could Brits have a go at international mountain bike racing, they could win trophies.

And look cool while doing it.

We owe it to Jason to get him in the Marin Mountain Bike Hall of Fame (MMBHOF) where he belongs.