Jagwire's Pro Dropper System uses narrower inner cable compared to gear cable

It’s the little things that proper bike geeks rejoice in. Take Jagwire’s Dropper Pro System for example. Cable-operated dropper post users rejoice.

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We’ve not seen the kit in the flesh yet, nor have we got any proper photos as of yet, so here’s a cheeky screengrab from Jagwire’s 2019 online catalogue. In it you can see the cutaway diagram and the measurements of the Dropper Pro System cabling.

Screengrab from Jagwire’s 2019 catalogue PDF

For reference, gear outer cable is often 5mm in diameter (some fancy gear outer is 4mm). Dropper Pro is 4mm diameter. Regular gear inner cables are 1.2mm thick. Dropper Pro System inner cables are 0.8mm thick.


Basically dropper post cable routing can be very twisty on some bike frames. Narrowing the inner and the outer enables the Dropper Pro cabling to be a bit more supple and tolerant of tight curves without causing excessing bind or resistance in the cable operation.

Despite the hydraulically actuated Rockshox Reverb being the most popular dropper post out there, there are more and more folk converting to a cable-actuated dropper post. This is because the feel of cable-actuated posts is often more precise and has great ‘feel’ compared to hydraulic hosing.

That is, if your bike frame’s dropper cable routing isn’t crazily curvy, in which case cable systems feel overly stiff and surprisingly fatiguing. Which Jagwire Dropper Pro System it may offer the improved feel of cable-actuated dropper posts to rides with twisty cable routing on their bikes.