Ride onboard with the young Canadian as he stamps his authority on the Elite men's field with a crushing win on home turf at the DH World Cup finals


Jackson Goldstone closed the curtains on an epic season of World Cup DH racing to win by a huge margin on the classic Mont-Sainte-Anne DH track. His run was a mind-blowing display of speed, aggression, and surgical precision, knitting together lines and gaps that had proved out of reach for most of the Elite field. The 4.3 second gap to Ethan Craik – who achieved a career-best second place – goes some way to show the level of domination by Goldstone. But the fact that third place Loic Bruni and ninth place Troy Brosnan were only separated by less that one second, really reveals how far in a class of his own the young Canadian was on the day. As we go into the off-season, his performance will leave a lot of top riders scratching their heads.

Some run highlights:

At 0.24 you can clearly hear the sound of the drone following down the first straight. In the live stream it looked extremely close to the riders at some points. How they manage to focus with that buzzing around we don’t know, but it certainly brought some great images, particularly speed-tucking down the piste section.

1.18 Listen out for Jackson’s breathing. What’s really interesting is how it changes from slower and deeper on the more straightforward sections, as he tries to recover, to shallow and rapid in the really technical sections.

1.32 One of his first big pulls, sending a natural double perfectly to the backside.

Jackson Goldstone winning GoPro run Mont-Sainte-Anne

A super precise gap in tight proximity to several trees but with big potential gains if you get it right. Jackson nailed it better than anyone.

2.01 One of the key sections in the woods (where we saw Andreas Kolb hit the tree in the semi-finals and almost again in finals) is a double-down into a left berm onto a long straight. Jackson absolutely nails this perfectly and exits the corner like a rocketship, visibly faster that any of the other riders.

2.09 This makes it easy for him to grease the ‘Pontvianne Pull’ (copyright Ric McLaughlin).

2.18 He finds a new gap off a rock onto the bank as he exits the woods.

Jackson Goldstone winning GoPro run Mont-Sainte-Anne

Stevie Smith’s drop is a formidable obstacle, but Jackson shows his true Canadian colours by sending it right off the top.

2.36 Like a true Canadian, he hucks his meat off the Stevie Smith Drop almost from the top to the wooden landing.

3.01 The slabs section. No comment really, just mouth agape in total awe.

Jackson Goldstone winning GoPro run Mont-Sainte-Anne

Minnaar’s gap looked too tricky in the moist conditions for most riders, but Jackson absolutely greased it.

3.27 Minnaar’s gap out of the woods with no name. One of the few Elite riders to do this in the slippery conditions, but his landing was like butter. Then he skipped the next gap from way higher than most riders, which shows how much speed he was carrying.

Jackson Goldstone winning GoPro run Mont-Sainte-Anne

It’s safe to say DH racing is pretty popular right now!

3.51 Just look at the crowds! Must have been some feeling riding the wave of support into the finish arena. And then getting mobbed by both fans, friends and security all in one big bundle!

Jackson Goldstone winning GoPro run Mont-Sainte-Anne

Jackson-eye-view of Ronan Dunne, Ronald McDonald and some seriously emotionless security guy!