Log on to Hunt's website and scroll down on the wheels tab and you'll see a range of heavier duty e-bike specific options – great to see and not something every wheel brand offers. Joining Hunt's e-bike lineup is the all-new E_All Mountain alloy wheelset.


Hunt’s all-new E_All Mountain alloy wheelset has been engineered to meet the specific demands of modern electric mountain bikes, ranging from lighter weight, mid-torque platforms to full-power high-torque models.

It’s a real-world fact that modern E-MTBs can dish out much more abuse than a standard bike, so Hunt developed this new wheelset with durability, strength, performance, and ease of service in mind. Engineered specifically for E-MTB use, the E_All Mountain alloy wheel system offers maximum durability and performance on the trails while maintaining a low weight, so it should be ideal for perfect for trail, all-mountain and enduro use. And the price tag isn’t daft either…

Hunt E_All-Mountain wheels

Hunt E_All-Mountain Alloy wheels use a proven rim with a 31mm internal width

Manufactured from 6069-T6 extruded alloy with a rugged anodized shot-peened black finish, the Hunt E_All Mountain uses the same tried and tested rim profile as the Enduro Wide V2, boasting internal reinforcement shoulders to support the rim sidewall and protect against hard impacts. It measure up at 31mm for the internal width.

This wheelset is handbuilt with high-specification triple butted Pillar spokes and an updated forged, then CNC’ed 7075-T6 alloy Hunt hubs. These hubs feature an oversize 17mm rear axle, dual-sealed Revo bearings and the brand’s all-new PhaseEngage, E-MTB- specific freehub system.

Need to know

  • Tried and tested 31mm 6069-T6 aluminium rim extrusion with internal shoulder reinforcement.
  • Rider tested to handle daily E-MTB abuse.
  • New PhaseEngage, EMTB-specific freehub system with 6×1 pawl system for reliable and long-lasting power transfer.
  • Oversized 17mm 7075-T6 axles resist flex and increase bearing life.
  • Updated bearing seals for improved longevity in harsh environments.
  • Hand-laced with triple-butted, stainless steel Pillar PSR 2018 spokes, brass nipples and steel nipple washers.

The custom-engineered rim profile incorporates internal reinforcement shoulders that serve to support the rim sidewall and protect it from rock strikes and impacts.

By utilising FEA modelling, Hunt’s engineers have been able to thoroughly examine the stresses and strains experienced by the rim under different riding conditions and through simulated scenarios. This enabled the UK-based team to optimise the internal reinforcement, ensuring that the E_All Mountain rim is capable of taking a pounding ride after ride.

Hunt E_All-Mountain wheels

Hunt offers optional axle adapters for the E_All-Mountain Alloy wheels, including SRAM’s Torque caps

Seasons of race testing have proven that the 31mm internal rim profile is perfect for accommodating modern trail and enduro tyres. In the case of E-MTB riders, this wider profile also maximises braking performance across diverse terrains, and traction on steep, loose climbs.


One of the reasons E-MTBs are addictively engaging is the added power that they offer. This boost encourages riders to climb more challenging and steeper terrain than ever before, but it also means the freehub and wheels have to endure a lot more torque than a standard wheel.

Hunt E_All-Mountain wheels

The E_All Mountain wheelset uses a re-engineered rear hub for added durability and longer lifespan

To ensure long-lasting performance, Hunt’s engineers have developed a new E-MTB-specific freehub system called PhaseEngage. Using a durable new 6×1 pawl system, PhaseEngage aims to reliably transfer power mile after mile, climb after climb. This updated system uses rugged steel internals for a longer life, while providing an accurate 8-degree engagement angle.

The new PhaseEngage freehub attaches to Hunt’s purpose-built CNC alloy rear hub, rolling on dual sealed Revo bearings. It also employs a flex-free 17mm 7075 alloy rear axle, and uses updated freehub seals that provide optimal protection against water and dirt ingress no matter the weather or riding conditions.

Handbuilt to last

Hunt says that using 6069-T6 alloy for the rim offers riders a 69% increase in Ultimate Tensile Strength over 6061-T6 – and with the internal reinforcement, this is designed to be one tough rim. To create a strong complete wheelset, high-specification, triple-butted Pillar PSR spokes have been hand laced into each wheelset, trued and tensioned, and then checked again by Hunt’s master wheel builders. For E-MTB applications, heavier-duty 2018 spokes have been chosen, featuring a wider 1.8mm central diameter, improving the wheel’s ability to handle loads and high torque without negatively affecting weight.

With durability a high priority, Hunt’s wheel builders have employed conical nipple washers to further enhance strength with 16mm brass nipples for longevity.

Hunt E_All-Mountain wheels

Hunt’s E_All-Mountain alloy wheels work well with large volume, heavy duty rubber

Made for E-MTB

Hunt has ensured that E All Mountain wheels will work with any modern E-MTB on the market by offering 29in, 27.5in and mullet (29in F, 27.5in R) wheel configurations, and Boost (but not Super Boost 157mm) standards. The rear wheel is available in SRAM XD, Shimano HG and Shimano Micro Spline options.

Impact Test Results

Alongside FEA simulations and real-world rider testing with the brand’s sponsored riders and athletes, Hunt also places all wheels through a strict set of impact tests on its in-house impact rig. As mountain bike wheels rarely see an impact to both sidewalls simultaneously, the wheels are tested with impact forces focused on one sidewall while the wheel is set at an angle. Hunt impact tests its new wheels against other Hunt products and similar spec wheels from other leading brands. All wheels are impact tested until they show the first signs of damage, then the findings are shared with riders so that they may make the best decision for their riding.


  • 31mm internal rim width
  • 6069-T6 extrusion construction
  • Engineered for E-MTB
  • 32 front, 32h rear spoke count
  • Pillar PSR 2018 Triple-butted stainless steel spokes with 1.8mm central diameter for durability
  • Redesigned 8-degree engagement PhaseEngage 6-pawl freehub designed and engineered for e-MTB use
  • CNC machined alloy hubs featuring precision Revo dual seal bearings
  • Oversized 17mm 7075-T6 axles resist flex and increase bearing life
  • Ships pre-taped with valves and spare spokes
  • Hand built with durable brass nipples
  • Tested by HUNT athletes Daryl Brown and Fergus Ryan
  • 6-bolt disc mounting interface
  • Available in 29 “, 27.5” and mullet options
  • SRAM XD, Shimano HG and Microspline freehub options
  • Boost spacing only
  • Wheelset weights 27.5″ 2143g, Mullet 2168g, 29″ 2193g
  • Price £479 / €599 / $649


The new E_All Mountain alloy wheelset is now available to pre-order through Hunt’s website. All wheel sizes and freehub options are available.


Hunt’s new E_All Mountain alloy wheelset is fit for purpose, allowing you to press on hard in confidence