A couple of pleasing products from PRO: a longer drop Koryak dropper and a tool to take the faff and swearing out of internal cable routing. Hurray!

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It’s Eurobike time so this week will be full of stuff about new stuff released over there at the German trade show. But while we wait for our roving reporters to file their… er, reports, here’s two pleasing products from PRO that have landed in our inbox…

PRO cable routing tool

PRO: “This pocket sized aluminium tool is the perfect workshop accessory for threading shift cables, brake cables, Di2 wires and hydraulic hoses through frames. With an extra-strong micro magnet you can easily guide wires and cables through frames to exit ports. The Cable Routing tool comes with all the adapters you’ll need to connect to common cables and wires and neatly folds away afterwards to keep minimize the clutter in your workshop or tool box.”

PRO Koryak dropper post

PRO: “PRO has expanded its dropper post range to meet these new riding styles by adding the Koryak 170 (internal routing), Koryak 150 (external or internal) and Koryak 70 (external) to its existing Koryak 120 model.

“For bigger riders the 170mm travel version gives a total length of 507mm to maximize the range of your on-bike position. The new 170 (and 150) versions are made from a 3D-forged lightweight AL2014 alloy and employ a 1-bolt clamp design to mount the saddle, coming in 30.9 and 31.6 diameters.

“All versions offer infinite super smooth travel and come with a Shimano cable set allowing for adjustment at the dropper post lever. The 170 and 150 internally cable routed posts come with a new 1x left-hand lever.”