No more pinchflats and easier tubeless tyre setup

Hate punctures? A simple tyre insert called Huck Norris promises to take away all the pain of the pinch flat.

Huck Norris is a circle of cellular foam that sits inside your tyres, designed to stop the wheel rim from pinching against the sidewall of the tyre. Bingo, you could never pinchflat again, the Finnish makers say.


Need to know

  • Huck Norris is a pinch flat prevention system, using a foam insert
  • Weight is 70g in 2 7.5in sizing and 77g for a 29er
  • Plus size compatible, and fat bike sizing coming soon

It’s so simple we’re left scratching our heads about why no one thought of this before. Huck Norris shouldn’t interfere with the great ride feel from tubeless either, because it barely touches the sidewalls of the tyre. There’s nothing to stop the tyre deforming nicely and giving you grip then.


We’re really pleased to see there’s a Plus bike insert size too, as we’ve explained before for Plus bikes, tyre pressures are critical — too low and you’re likely to pinch flat, too hard and your precious grip and damping disappears.

And there’s more to Huck Norris. It helps to seat tubeless tyres too, it’s claimed. Huck Norris pushes the tyre bead into the rim, so you won’t be left huffing and puffing, trying to get the tyre to seat and seal. Perhaps there’s no need for those clever double barrelled pumps that work as mini compressors then.


Huck Norris specs
  • S size – 70g (27.5″) 77g (29″) weight
  • For 21-45mm internal rim width, 27.5 and 29” wheels and plus size tires.
  • Fatbike version coming soon.
  • Material specially developed for MTB use with scientists.
  • Three times the impact energy damping than anything commercially available.
  • Package includes a fender
  • Made in Finland. Patent Pending.

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Watch: How to get the most out of your tubeless setup

But does it work?

We’re not too sure yet, we’ll be getting hold of a sample soon to try it out. We’ve been promised ‘no more punctures’ before too, remember the Schwalbe Procore tyre system? We certainly didn’t puncture on Procore but it’s not a simple setup and costs a whopping £150 to run.

Huck Norris isn’t cheap either, €69 for a ribbon of foam. That sounds pretty pricey to us. But what value do you place on never having to fix a puncture again? Priceless?