Florent Payet suffered a nightmare run, ending his Leogang event early.

Scott Factory downhill racer, Florent Payet, endured an agonizing injury in practice for the first 2021 World Cup DH event.

The French racer was only half a minute into his run, when he explored a new line choice, that misguided him into a course marking pole.

It is not unusual for downhill racers to strike poles defining their course parameters, but in this case, Payet was wincingly unlucky.

A combination of impact angle and pole elasticity dynamics, ended with Payet requiring emergency surgery from a skilled urologist.

Payet detailed his terribly unfortunate injury, on Instagram.

Hey everyone, just a quick update on what happened to me today.
Everything was coming together nicely, I was really happy with the track and was enjoying riding the steep mud sections.
Then the drama came.
I went out of the track on a fast section about 30 seconds into the track. I was trying find some more speed somewhere else than in the wood and simply rode into a pole. I had probably done this a thousand times in the last 16 years that I have been racing World Cups. Normally I just bounce off and keep going.
This time it was a bit different. The pole came back and whipped straight between my legs. It hit me with an unbelievable amount of pain.
I still managed to ride my bike quite well down to the bottom of the track, but when I got to the pit the pain got really bad,
We had a check down my trousers and there was lots of blood and some spare parts were hanging out that should have been tucked away safely. I needed to get to a hospital urgently.
The doctors performed emergency surgery to save them and get them back in place and to save the chance to have children…
The surgery was a success and the boys are back where they should be.:)
I will need to wait and see what this experience has actually done to me emotionally as I was very close to loosing them… This is a first time I have needed surgery without actually crashing on my bike and it has been a scary experience.
I will keep the updates coming regarding my situation over the next few days, and let everyone know about my recovery when I have more information.”

Medical staff at Leogang evaluated the severity of Payet’s injury and he was rushed to hospital. After a successful surgical event, Payet is recovering well, although there is no schedule for when he’ll return to racing.