Solid lubrication technology, could cancel your headset and pivot bearing maintenance bills.

Binding and grinding headsets annoy all. But Danish low-friction bearing specialist, CeramicSpeed, has something close to a ‘headset-for-life’.

The company’s Solid Lubrication Technology (SLT) is a new application of an old idea.

Solid lubrication has been around since the 1970s, triggered by demand in the food processing industry, where bearings turn with great frequency – and regular cleaning would be hugely inefficient.

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Keeping steering and suspension working better – for longer

CeramicSpeed’s SLT uses a secret polymer formulation to spin bearings with virtually no wear. First mentioned back in 2018, CeramicSpeed has been testing and refining its SLT technology. Which is now mature, and ready for deployment.

The oil-infused plastic polymer operates between two seals, within the cartridge. Even if contaminants seep past the outer layer, the inner cavity, between the bearings and race, remain clean.

Bearing failure is usually the result of moisture and sediment ingress, creating rust and ruining the spherical shape of bearings. And its inherent ability to spin true, with low friction, in a race.

CeramicSpeed’s SLT technology is prioritised for headsets and suspension pivot bearings. Not hubs or bottom brackets, which require full rotation.

Production quality, is key

Industry experience has shown that the precision filling requirements of polymer-infused bearing races can suffer from poor assembly. And that creates a bottom bracket, for instance, that has additional drag.

CeramicSpeed’s position is that SLT is ideal for headsets and suspension bearings, which move through a smaller range of motion than bottom brackets or hubs.

How confident is CeramicSpeed in its SLT technology? The Danes are offering a lifetime warranty that has no maintenance caveat.

The SLT bearings are being configured as OPD (pivot) and OHD (headset). CeramicSpeed has a few OEM mountain bike brands, showing keen interest in using its bearings for 2022.

Test results for the CeramicSpeed SLT pivot bearings have seen 300% better durability than traditional bearings.