Hans' East Midlands home targeted twice by thieves

MTB legend Hans Rey has suffered the loss of his entire two-wheeled collection stored at his home and camper van over the last weekend.

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Through two separate, targeted attacks thieves made off with the entire collection of nine GT bikes and two trials motorbikes. Included in the theft were a couple of pretty unique bikes, most noteworthy being one of the iconic GT ‘gearbox’ IT1 DH bikes. Through the power of social media, Hans notified his friends and fans of the the theft of eight bikes on Friday November 30th, writing:

“Attention Burglary. My garage and camper van have been broken into in the East Midlands in England. At least 8 of my precious bicycles have been stolen. Some of these bikes are very unique and are not even for sale in the UK. If you come across any of these, please let me know.  They were all made by GT Bicycles:

Sensor LTS (new model size L, without front wheel) Mustard gold.
Sensor AOS (olive green)
eVerb electric bike w Shimano Steps motor, without battery. (neon yellow)
Grade carbon gravel bike (carbon w yellow fork)
Zaskar 100 Hans Rey edition (white)
Zaskar 100 reg. carbon edition
Zaskar Trials bike (white)
Legacy urban commuter bike (silver)”

Sadly this was followed up on Sunday 2nd December with the further news of a return attack to mop up the remaining items, “Burglary part 2, the nightmare continues. I can’t tell you how gutted I am, the burglars came back the following night and stole my possible favorite bike, my @gtbicycles it1 gearbox bike, as well as my brand new TRS Motorcycles Factory 250 Trials Moto and my old 2000 @sherco_spain 290cc. I am 5000miles away, my stepson secured the site after the first burglary unfortunately he had no access to the keys of the locks to move the lot. We had made arrangements to block the entrance for today, but it was too late, they came back in a 4 hour window with a blow torch, cut through everything like knife through butter. Thank you all for the great outreach and concern from so many folks, I hope justice will be done.”

Hopefully the unique nature of many of these bikes will make them too hot to handle. Pictures of the bikes are above if you come across any deals for GT Bikes that seem too good to be true.