How does your county rank?

An insurance company has delved into its data and come up with a ranking of which counties have the highest percentage of bike crime per cyclist.

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The resulting table is initially rather surprising at first… but then when you factor in that this table is based around cyclists that have their bicycles insured.

Cyclists who don’t have their bikes insured aren’t really factored in on this results table.

The fact that the data is from an insurance company is also no doubt going to skew things a bit generally. They want us to insure our bikes. Which is fair enough and a good idea but is definitely something to bear in mind when looking at charts like this.

But still, even with those caveats, the results table is an interesting bit of info nonetheless.

Counties with the highest percentage of bike crime per cyclist

  1. Berkshire
  2. Buckinghamshire
  3. West Midlands
  4. Bedfordshire
  5. West Yorkshire
  6. Essex
  7. Merseyside
  8. Greater Manchester
  9. Northamptonshire
  10. Northumberland

Some interesting factoids

  • There were over 376,000 bicycles stolen last year (National Crime agency).
  • Almost half of all bike thefts occur in and around the home.
  • Only approximately 5% of cyclists have insurance.
  • Locked bikes still get nicked; 39% of stolen bikes were locked when stolen.
  • Areas with the worst bike crime are the places least likely to declare a bike on their insurance.
  • Surrey has very high levels of insured cyclists despite having one of the lowest bike-0related crimes rates in the UK.