Enough about the bike, tell us about those grips...

Chilly hands is a common problem when mountain biking in cold weather. You can either tough it out, wear bulky gloves or… wait for some heated grips?

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Okay, so the Carrera Subway All Weather isn’t really a mountain bike. Sure, it looks a bit like one with the sloping top tube and flat handlebars and stuff. But it’s not a mountain bike. It’s a commuter bike. And a fairly sorted looking one from what we can gather. Integrated lights, mudguards, floaty urban slick tyres, disc brakes and so on.

Anyway, enough about the bike. How about those heated grips that are on there?

There’s precious little info at this point. The spec reads “Heated handlebar grips – enjoy warm hands, with or without wearing gloves …One of the standout features on the Carrera Subway All Weather are the heated handlebar grips. Using a battery that provides up to two hours of warmth, you can enjoy a much cosier ride when the weather is bad!”

In the detail spec the grips are described as “GloGrips Heated Handlebar Grips”.

In the above imagery, it appears as though the power switch is on the end of grip. The general design of the grip itself appears to be a fairly trad lock-on. It doesn’t look to be unduly oversized or bulky.

Will we be seeing these heated grips being made available in their own right? Well, they aren’t a proprietary fitting or anything; they’ll fit on any handlebar. And that’s without separate batteries or modifications etc.

They do appear to add a fair amount sticking out of the ends of your handlebars. So if you ride a lot in tree-lined skinny singletrack, you may have to take extra care!

Halfords are currently “investigating demand” for these heated grips. So if you’re interested, let Halfords know!