Gwin still needs to finish top 10 overall to guarantee TV coverage next year

GwinStagram reveals he is France so he must be aiming to race La Bresse this Saturday, right? But why? And on what wheel size?

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Can’t wait to be back ?

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Those of you who follow Gwin’s Instagram will already be aware that he’s been riding on what appears to be a 29in wheel downhill bike (see post above).

Many people have been expecting Gwin – who missed a couple of World Cups with a injured thumb – to next show up at the World Champs next month. And show up on a YT Tues 29er.

But it looks like the Mighty Gwin is coming back earlier than that. He’s definitely in France at the moment and we think it’s safe to assume that he’s racing this Saturday’s World Cup round at La Bresse.

But why? He’s already lost the Overall World Cup title to Amaury Pierron.

There a three reasons why Gwin is racing this weekend.

1) He needs to make sure he finished in the World Cup top 10 overall to ensure he gets guaranteed airtime on Red Bull TV next year.

2) He needs some real racing time before the World Champs. Gwin has still to win rainbow stripes. This time, more than any other time, is the time to do it.

3) He wants to make a point.

What point does he want to make? Something along the lines of “I woulda won another World Cup Overall if it wasn’t for my dang thumb”.