The three main talking points from last Sunday's World Cup DH

Three runs and two videos that neatly sum up last Sunday’s ridiculously exciting World Cup DH. Rachel’s composure, Amuary’s endo and Gwin’s ragdoll rampage.

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First of all,above is a vid form the ever-dependable Ben Cathro that finally shows us Gwin’s sudden and shocking OTB. How did it happen? It’s still mostly guessowrk and experienced conjecture but the general theory now is that Gwin’s tyre slipped off the edge of the end of the boardwalk and then a combination of rocks cause the front wheel to jolt sideways, followed by the rear wheel dropping off the same boardwalk and instantly dropping anchor on Gwin’s momentum (not to mention causing a sealant-spraying puncture to boot).

Now, here are the winning runs…

Rachel’s win was no real surprise but it was great to see her so in control of things again. Like most people, we thought that Troy Brosnan had laid down the winning run, with it being so impressively quicker than what went before and full of hair-raisingly perfect inside lines. But we forgot about Amaury Pierron. Not as perfect as Brosnan. But faster. Which means that this French youngster is only gong to get faster over the years. Wow.

And how about that finish line endo? Instantly iconic.