The UK's first ever piste map for mountain biking?

Grit and Steel is Sheffield’s first ever piste-map for cyclists, featuring over 45 spots to “get sideways and rad on a bicycle”.

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What the flip is a piste map?

Good question. Well, you know those maps you see in ski resorts that show the various ski lifts and graded ski runs down the mountains? It’s a bit like one of those.

The cartoonish map is a typically irreverent take from the Sheffield mountain biking community. Produced by Cotic the map is intended to be a “call to arms for all riders from all locations to get exploring all corners of our wonderful home. There’s magic hidden in the hills, now you know where to look.”

Who drew it? A Californian of course(!) called Nick Sawyers. Sawyers has done a lot of design and illustration work for folk like S&M BMX, Alice + Olivia and Bud Lite.

50 numbered, embossed, archival giclée prints are available to purchase from Cotic’s website.

The map is the main feature of an exhibition in Sheffield at the moment. APG works, Sidney Street, S1 4RH till March 6th.