If you want more travel from a 2020 Specialized Enduro, this aftermarket link is the answer.

The inevitable desire to tinker with rear suspension remains a compulsion with most mountain bikers.

Despite the current generation of air and coil shocks being fantastically advanced, linked to outstanding frame design and kinematics, there is always the notion that a marginal gain can be had.

Cascade Components do a tidy trade developing and fabricating aftermarket links for some of the most desirable enduro mountain bikes.

The Pacific Northwest company offers increased shock progression and a touch more travel, with its custom links.

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Making a mini-downhill bike of the Enduro

If you are the owner of Specialized’s wonderfully capable 2020 model year Enduro and use it as intended, there might be moments where you’d like a touch less drama from the rear.

Cascade Components can oblige with its latest product offering, which increases the Enduro’s travel and provides superior bottom-out resistance.

Machined by the company’s own technicians, using 6061-T6 grade aluminium, this new Enduro link adds 10mm of suspension travel. By increasing the Enduro’s rear-suspension to 180mm, riders can pair the latest Fox 38 or Rockshox ZEB forks, available in similar travel numbers, to create something between an extreme enduro and mini-downhill bike.

Influences the shock feel, too

Although the headline number is that 10mm suspension travel increase, the Cascade Components link also ramps shock progression from 25- to 36%.

To ensure durability, considering the increased loads this component upgrade can enable, sealed Enduro Max bearings are used to finish the link, before it is packaged and ready for shipping.

Available in black or silver, to match your frame finish, the Enduro link is available through Cascade Components UK online store, priced at £358.