The full thing is available to stream or download now

Gamble is the new 45 minute long feature movie from Steel City Media. It features some of the “top dogs of downhill … and they aren’t here to mess around.”

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The highly anticipated Gamble film is now available to purchase worldwide on iTunes, Google Play and Vimeo on Demand.

The film is something of a return of focus to capital-D Downhill racing. This ain’t no jib fest. Or amusingly high concept clickbait shreddit. This is a in-depth celebration of all thing roost and fast.

Gamble features the most exciting and stylish downhill riders. The ones who, whilst they may not all make it on to the podium all that often, are always the ones you make you sure watch when they pop up on the World Cup Red Bull TV coverage.

Gamble riders

Sam Blenkinsop
Brook Macdonald
Josh Bryceland
Craig Evans
Phil Atwill
Loic Bruni
Finn Illes
Connor Fearon
Mark Wallace
Greg Minnaar
And the King of the fackin’ North, Steve Peat

Anyway, here’s what you came here for. As much of the free-to-view footage from Gamble as you can watch at the moment.

Conor Fearon

Sam Blenkinsop

Josh Bryceland and Craig Evans

Brook Macdonald

Steve Peat

Loci Bruni

Alan Ford

Narrated by the infamous Alan Ford from Snatch, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and perhaps his finest moment, a cockney gangster called Terry interviewed by Alan Partridge.