Ebikes to be available for three-month loan at no charge

Fully Charged to loan London’s NHS workers electric bikes, as part of the cycling industry’s effort to help combat the COVID-19.

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Interested NHS workers, as well as cycle industry businesses keen to offer their support to the project, can register their interest via the Fully Charged website.

Ebikes to be available for three-month loan at no charge. Sure, it’s partly a marketing opportunity but help is help, so we’re spreading the word.

Fully Charged is providing eBikes to NHS workers in London for free as alternative to public transport

From Monday 30th march, more than 20 eBikes are available on a three-month loan at no charge, with many more being added to the supply. The initiative aims to minimise NHS workers’ disruption and chances of infection as they travel to and from London’s hospitals to complete crucial work in treating COVID-19 patients.

The eBikes, which are pedal bikes with electric motors providing assistance, are state-of-the-art and come complete with all the commuting essentials, including lights, mudguards and a lock. The first eBike provider partnering in this project is Gocycle, which is offering twenty of its Gocycle GS at no cost– this typically retails at £1,999.

Fully Charged, with sites in London Bridge and Silverstone, will be delivering the bikes to the NHS staff in the capital who sign-up to the scheme. Its trained mechanics will assemble and conduct pre-delivery inspections on all eBikes prior to them going to their new temporary owners.

Dan Parsons, Fully Charged Director of Operations, said: “Bicycle stores have been excluded from the Government’s list of mandatory closures amid the COVID-19 crisis. This is a reflection of the importance of cycling as a viable alternative to using public transport, as well as the benefits it offers to people’s health and wellbeing, particularly at a time of self-isolation and social distancing.

“At Fully Charged, given we’re able to remain operational, our focus is on supporting the country’s key workers – namely NHS staff who are going above and beyond to help those suffering at the hands of COVID-19.

“With cycling exhibitions cancelled, many demo bikes are going unused. Fully Charged is grateful to our business partners for enabling us to get these eBikes into the hands of NHS workers for their use during such difficult times. We hope NHS staff will seize the offer and, moreover, we are calling on the rest of the industry to help provide more support for doctors and nurses in this way.

“We are grateful to Gocycle as our first partner in this project and hope that other suppliers follow their example and generous commitment, allowing us to increase the offering to NHS workers in due course.”

Richard Thorpe, Gocycle’s Founder and Designer, added: “We’ve all seen the images of packed tubes in the capital in the last few days. With far less traffic above ground, and the reduced number of trains being made available, eBikes are probably the best solution for essential NHS workers to move around the city. The last thing frontline staff need after a long day saving lives is being confined within a crowded train carriage or bus or to be stuck standing in a long queue.

“Bicycles are part of the solution, but tired legs will appreciate the benefits of an electric motor to assist them home with less effort. It’s a tough time for everyone being on lock down and very hard for small businesses everywhere. We really appreciate the chance to help London’s frontline NHS staff, however small our role might be.”

Steve Garidis, Executive Director of the Bicycle Association, the UK national trade body for the cycling industry, said: “Cycling is playing an important role in this crisis enabling essential workers to travel without using public transport. This role will be equally important when we come to restart the economy without restarting transmission.

“The cycling industry has a strategically vital role in keeping Britain cycling and it’s fantastic to hear the stories of businesses pulling out all the stops to help essential workers.”