Four of the best trails where you can just get off the brakes and let it roll a bit

NB: Please ride within yourself, at a speed appropriate to your line of sight, and slow down for walkers, dogs or horses. Don’t be a d*ck.

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Dunkery Beacon, Exmoor

21km (12 miles)

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Dunkery gets busy but time it right, and the run east from the summit to Brockwell is a sheer delight. Start at Horner (SS897455), and take the BW opposite the car park entrance, N then NW to the road on Crawter Hill. Climb S on road then BW around Ley Hill and into Horner Wood, and drop to Horner Water. Push out again to the road at Stoke Pero and L to the T-junction then R to SS860411, where you climb to the summit. Keep SA (NE) over the road and on to Brockwell. Keep L to take a good track NW to Luccombe and finish on the road.

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Glen Finglas, Scotland

24km (15 miles)

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This route is fast and flowing without any awkward technical sections to slow you down. It’s also easy to follow and is a wonderful visit into wild country. Start in Brig o’ Turk (NN536067) and take the lane N, forking R to go through woodland and drop to the E shore of Glen Finglass Reservoir. Fork L at NN523103 and then follow the track NW then NE to the highest point. It’s fast and furious pretty much all the way back. Head S back to the fork and simply retrace your tracks back to the village.

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The Dentures, South Downs

27km (17 miles)

This circuit has plenty of high-speed action, though the drop from Glatting to Haughton is our favourite. Start at Droke (SU924126) and climb S then road and trail E towards Bignor Hill. At SU973126, head SE down the Dentures, forking L at the bottom to cross the main road and continuing SA on great, fast singletrack to Haughton village. Now hook up with the SDW and follow it back up over Bignor Hill and across the A285 to Tegleaze (SU942155), where you swing back SE then S for a fast and furious finish.

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Telegraph Valley, Snowdonia

18km (12 miles)

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Often ridden as an out and back from Llanberis, as it’s a great climb too, but we prefer it as a fast final flourish to a Snowdon Ranger loop, although obviously keeping to the voluntary restriction (no cycling between 10am and 5pm May 1 to Sep 31). Start in Llanberis (SH582597) and climb road then BW SE then S to the summit. Back to Bwlch Glas and W down the Ranger to SH572552. Then push N to Bwlch Maesgwm and enjoy an amazing descent — though watch for those water bars.

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