Dyfi Bike Park in Wales, UK, has just unveiled its newest track which offers 2km of scenic trail built for flow. 


If you like your bike park tracks long, scenic and built for flow, you’re going to love the newest addition to Dyfi Bike Park in Wales, UK. FlowState is a single black diamond trail, descending over 2km with some of the most eye popping views available. Basically, if you want an epic backdrop for filming or photos, this is it.

Dyfi Bike Park is the work of the Athertons, downhill mountain biking’s winningest dynasty, and in particular harnesses the trail building skills of Dan Atherton. Eighteen months in the making, it combines natural rock features, a wall ride, a huge rock slab, forested sections, vast berms and a huge step up. Flow for sure, but this isn’t for beginners.

new FlowState track at Dyfi Bike Park

“We wanted to create a line that would make riders feel amazing, but that would also work visually to look as good on film as it feels to ride, [and] Insta360 understood that vision straight away,” he explains, talking about the trails conception made possible with the support of Insta360 Action Cameras.

Going off a jump on the new FlowState track at Dyfi Bike Park

“It’s brilliant to see the Insta360 FlowState line at Dyfi Bike Park, one of the world’s most famous mountain bike venues,” comments Max Richter, Vice President of Marketing at Insta360. “At Insta360, we think bold and push the limits of camera technology. At Dyfi Bike Park, we see Dan and the team with a similar vision to relentlessly innovate and craft incredible trails.This is another big step for Insta360 as our global mountain bike community continues to grow.”

Man riding a berm on the new FlowState track at Dyfi Bike Park

FlowState opens to the public this weekend – 8th and 9th July 2023 – but the story doesn’t end there. According to the press release, the hard working Dyfi dig crew aren’t done with FlowState yet, and it’s likely to evolve over the coming years.

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