Better than Sellotaping a candle to your head


The Exposure Joystick is a genuine modern classic bit of design. It can be hard to understand just why the Joystick is so great. Until you’ve used one.

Sometimes there comes along a design that revolutionises a pastime. This time we’re talking about the slightly mad pastime of riding mountain bikes off-road at night. Night riding is the sort of activity that you (accidentally) tell your co-workers that you’re doing later after work that day and they basically lose their minds in bafflement. And that’s before you tell them how much you spent on a bike light. But we’re not talking about SRP pricing here are we? This is Black Friday week after all.

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Anyway. Where were we? Oh yes, bargain Joysticks.

Upon first using a Joystick you suddenly realise that every other mountain bike light you’ve ever used is a bit rubbish in some way. The Joystick is a genuine stick of joy.

Easy to live with. Easy to use. Easy to charge. Easy to store. It just makes the faff of night riding much less well, faffy. The particular highlight is the ball-and-socket helmet mount. A true bit of genius, that. So good.

The only criticism you can ever make of the Exposure Joystick is that’s it’s a bit pricey. Even then, it’s only pricey on paper. Out on the trail it’s a bargain. What price good design? How about good design with 30% knocked off? Game on, as they say.