It has been cancelled for personal reasons

The 2016 UK Gravity Enduro (UKGE) series has been cancelled after its organiser was made homeless and having a child at the start of 2015. The UKGE series has been running since 2011 and has provided top level enduro racing across the United Kingdom.

Steve Parr, the organiser of the UKGE series, said: “At the start of 2015, I became homeless with our first born expected in April, this was what can only be described as troubling times for Liz and myself. I am putting my hands up to making a complete mess of the situation.”

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At the start of this year UKGE made full face helmets compulsory and added a mandatory insurance requirement for entry to races. Both these rules caused a massive backlash on social media and forums.

Despite this, the series was generally a success with some events selling out in hours. The final event of the year will still be happening at DyFi on September 19 – 20.

Parr did hint that there would still be UKGE events next year, just not necessarily in the same format. he said: “The UKGE team will be doing possibly two events in 2016, one of these will be a week long bike festival, the other remains a close guarded secret!”

You can read the full statement here