Everyone is pretty excited

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past week, you should know it’s the World Championships this weekend. The riders got their first look at the course yesterday and it seems everyone is pretty excited.

The course remains relatively unchanged from previous races at Vallnord but that’s no bad thing. The riders love its steep and raw nature and it has always produced some cracking racing.

Some riders loved it so much they took to social media to let us all know. We have their best reactions here.

The Athertons

Atherton Racing Vallnord React

Track walk yesterday and it looks like one hell of a track!

Rachel Atherton must be a strong favourite for the women’s title but she claims to have struggled on longer courses this year. As this track is a four-minute monster, could that open the door for someone else?

Martin Maes will be racing in the juniors and considering his record this year is raced one – won one, he will surely be one to watch come finals on Sunday.

Gee has been very quiet all week, we can only speculate but we reckon the current World Champion will be focussing hard to defend his crown.

Steve Peat

Steve Peat Vallnord react

Was good to walk the track with my Steve Peat Syndicate boys yesterday. Also had to show the other guy where to take off from #niceview

Steve Peat is not racing the World Championships for the first time in 24 years, that’s not stopped him trekking over to Andorra to support his Syndicate boys though.

You can never discount Josh Bryceland, especially after his late season form… let’s just hope he’s learnt the anthem.

Claudio Caluori

Claudio riders react vallnord

My bike and I got down to the finish line in one piece on the GoPro run in Vallnord together with Cedric Gracia! What a ride!

As the first person to ride down the Vallnord course, Claudio Caluori currently knows it better than most. He made it down in one piece but there were more than a few hairy moments in his helmet cam preview.

Underestimate Claudio’s skills at your peril. He may seem out of control, but he can seriously ride. If Claudio struggled it’s safe to say the rest of the riders will too.

Watch highlights from Val di Sole here

Manon Carpenter

Manon Carpenter Vallnord reacts

Got too excited on track walk for any photos other than this… It’s looking so good!! Cannot wait to ride.

Manon Carpenter has made it to Vallnord and the weather is looking decidedly Welsh which can only suit her style. This photo’s not giving away much, maybe she’s keeping her lines a secret for Sunday?

Sam Dale

Sam Dale Vallnord react

Woo Yeah

Sam Dale’s had a quiet year, but a big, burly track is sure to suit his riding style. Could this be the race that turns his season around?

Brook MacDonald

Brook MacDonald Vallnord Reacts

Mandatory mountain shot views are pretty shit around here, track is looking sick can’t wait to ride tomorrow

While most riders were checking out lines, Brook MacDonald was showing everyone pictures of his dislocated knee from Val di Sole. We assume his race tactics will just be to point it down the hill and let go of the brakes.

Emilie Siegenthaler

Siegenthaler Vallnord Reacts

Trackwalk with the Swissies todayWorld Champs course is looking absolutely amazing. I think all the riders will agree… Let’s ride!

We agree with Emilie, inside lines are always the right choice.

Dean Lucas

Dean Lucas Vallnord Reacts

Mountains n dat

Dean Lucas showing his deep appreciation for nature