He's got some neck

It’s not often you see a giraffe bearing down on a bunch of lycra clad XC racers.

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Stage 1 of this year’s Cape Pioneer Trek marathon mountain bike event featured something of a rarity in bicycle racing; dealing with a rampaging giraffe.

These two photos show racer Gerben Moss being chased by a giraffe during the opening stage of the South Africa endurance event. The course was passing through the Gondwana Nature Reserve at the time.


“Yes, that was quite a shock, because he was really close,” Moss told Dutch news service RTL. It’s not entirely unexpected or unprecedented to encounter plentiful exotic animal during the race apparently. Moss: “Then you suddenly see a turtle and also other animals like giraffes. Even though you’re refrain, you will see many beautiful things here.”

Cape Pioneer is a seven-day international stage race held in South Africa, which is raced in pairs. Gerben Moss is paired up with fellow Dutchman Bram Rood. The pair is currently lying in 5th place.