I made the trek to Dolgellau last night to have another go at the bottle, and found it!

Following my disappointment on Saturday, I thought I couldn’t let it rest, so once Andy had pinpointed the bottle location on the forum (thanks – that was actually better than I had expected – you could see the actual rock next to where the bottle was), and a few comments from various people on the forum along the lines of “it’s difficult and expect disappointment”, I got re-enthused.

So, leaving work last night, got to the bottom of the Braich by 9pm, strapped my lights on and was at the grid ref for 10pm. Found the bottle in 10minutes, buried under some heather (I am sure I looked there on Saturday, but it does look different in the dark).. Then came back down the Braich and did the whole ride. Got back to the car at 12.30am. That is a fantastic route to do as a night ride, but maybe not one to do on your own, which I was. Pont Scethin is truly eerie in the middle of the night when you know there is no one for miles. Nearly stacked it a few times on the descent towards Tal y Bont, but what a great ride!

Back home for 3am and in to work for 8. Thank God for strong coffee.